Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tonight I made this little digital piece of art.  It is my take on the Moon Gazing Hare - The Moon Gazing Bunny!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Abandoned Fairies

Just recently, there have been an increasing number of baby fae found abandoned in Honeypuddle Wood.  I suspect that this is because the fairies have come to believe that more and more humans have stopped believing, and this is their way of spreading some fairy magic into the lives of those grown ups that have become too serious, and have chosen to shut out and ignore their inner child. I shall be offering these fairy babies for adoption, so that they can bring the magic back into the lives of the grumpy and serious humans among us.  (I am sure we all know someone who would benefit from some fairy magic). 

With the help of the little folk, I am making it my mission to make these grown ups realise that they are not too old to believe in the little folk.  The truth is, if you believe, and look more closely at the world around you, you will see them!

To support my mission, I will be also be collecting evidence that they do exist, and will be offering this evidence for sale, along with fairies for adoption, on my facebook page, and in my folksy shop.  Proceeds from sales will go towards maintaining Honeypuddle Wood, and keeping it a safe, and magical place, so that the fairies can thrive and spread their magic far and wide. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

New Brooches in my Folksy shop!

Recently added to my folksy shop beautiful Oak leaves and Ivy leaves with little ladybirds! Entirely hand made and painted with acrylics, which have then been varnished to give a glossy finish!